Top hubs to find a tech job in Canada

About to graduate from a computer science program in Canada, or looking to start your career over in one of the greatest nations on the face of the planet?

Forget about uber expensive Silicon Valley and set your course for Canada, as those looking to make an intelligent play will find a number of cities in the Great White North to be highly attractive.

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Once you have improved enough to compete with today’s superstar coders, start submitting cover letters and resumes to the Canadian tech hubs mentioned in the article below:

1) Fredericton, NB

The first entry to this list may cause some to hesitate, as the idea of moving to a city in Atlantic Canada to launch a career feels like a gamble for many.

However, Knowledge Park in Fredericton has grown by leaps and bounds over the past couple of decades.

Fuelled by the University of New Brunswick, who churns out a steady supply of skilled computer science graduates every year and acts an incubator for startups, this park recently made national news for becoming a developing centre for cybersecurity companies.

With over 35 companies like Salesforce, Siemens, and CGI who employ over 800 highly skilled, well-paid employees, the provincial capital is a sure bet for those looking for a place with a small town feel, but with most of the amenities one would expect from a much larger centre.

2) Waterloo, ON

Like Fredericton, the tech industry in Waterloo has been fuelled and grown by the intervention of the local university, which helped give birth to businesses like Research in Motion and OpenText.

Aside from these two dominant players, risk taking from intelligent local entrepreneurs has resulted in the establishment of more than 1,800 startups in the past five years, providing plenty of opportunities for ambitious programmers and techies to build a solid career. 

3) Ottawa, ON

Think Ottawa is a government town where tech people can only get government jobs that are boring as nine-handed ante-less poker?

Things have changed over the past generation, as the tech sector, led by Nortel in the 90s and led by big firms like IBM and Google in the present day, has become a dominant industry.

This means those looking for a city offering a wide selection of opportunities and housing far more affordable than what is found in places like Toronto and Vancouver will like what they find in Ottawa.