Saving on Food Expenses for Your Business

I’ve already written about the benefits of using Groupon Coupons for cutting costs on business expenses, but I’m going to take your savings a bit further with Groupon Pages. Whether you’re rewarding your hard-working employees with lunch, or you’re treating a prospective client to dinner, there’s no reason you should be paying full price for food expenses now that Groupon has released this newest edition. Groupon Pages is a massive directory of restaurants in your area that has been designed to guarantee the best dining experience with the best deals. There are many budgetary advantages that come with using this new feature, but I’ve narrowed it down to the three top ways to save.

Your Employees

They’ve worked hard, they’ve met deadlines and quotas, and nobody spilled coffee on their keyboards this week. Sounds like your employees deserve a little morale-boosting reward. Show your appreciation by having lunch delivered to the office! Groupon Pages doesn’t just provide deals for sit-down restaurants. You’ll find great discount codes for pizzerias and sandwich shops like the ever-so-popular Domino’s. Search the merchant of your choice, or choose from the list of nearby selections, download a coupon, and place your order! Quick, simple, and budget-friendly. However, if your employees did in fact slack off this week, there’s nothing like a little edible incentive to motivate their work ethic!

Your Clients

Show your clients and your accountant some love by using Groupon Pages for the perfect restaurant at a great price. While the discount codes are definitely a plus, the best part about using this resource for company lunches is that every detail you need is displayed on the page. Depending on the client, you may want an upscale steakhouse, a casual sports grill, or a fine Italian restaurant. Groupon Pages comes with a detailed description of your pick, along with details such as whether they’re formal or casual, if they require reservations, and reviews from previous customers. Check out this page for DeNicola’s Italian Restaurant in Portland.


We may not like to acknowledge it, but grabbing lunch from the nearby burger joint every day can really put a strain on our personal budget. If you’re frequently swiping your card during lunch hours, think of how much money you could save using coupons! Download a coupon for the common favorites such as Panda Express, or try something new with Groupon’s list of suggestions in your area.

Using Groupon Pages can save you a hefty amount each and every month when it comes to food expenses for the business. Couple that with Groupon Coupons, and you’ve really got yourself a budgetary power couple!