Long term website plans

When many people make a website, their primary goal is to establish an online presence. However, there is a very big difference between simply establishing and continuing to grow such a presence.


If your goals stretch across the long term, such as growing an online audience or expanding awareness of your brand, then you need to think of both the near future and ongoing success. There are various factors to think about, notably safety and other requirements that will be expected of you. Investing in the likes of escrow, software used and overall performance now will help you get ahead of the curve.


One aspect of owning a website, especially if you own generic top level domains (gTLDs), is the daily amount of WHOIS data. According to the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) this is a requirement to keep such a desirable domain.

As such, ongoing success can stem from setting up an established Escrow account. Since this is a requirement, there is no point avoiding the issue, and finding an expert provider now will remove this problem to secure the future of your website.

Website software

While on the subject of escrow, you may also want to look into software escrow. If you use specific website software to design and maintain your website, as many do, then it helps to keep this secure. Since you only own the license, you can’t change this yourself, yet the Software as a Service agreement mandates the provider does this in your stead.

When they don’t, you can receive the code. This can be a difficult process to achieve, however, so escrow can be used to put the code into a secure account. Outside of the provider’s hands, this will give them an extra reason to provide a working product. When you want to look after the long term safety of your website, looking after the software used to achieve this is just as important.


Finally, in addition to escrow services, you may want to invest in various measures to record and improve the performance of your server. A great website will be ruined on an ineffective server, and traffic monitoring and performance tests can show how many people are using your website and how quickly they can access it.

Too many people can lead to slower loading times, which in turn can put people off. The easy solution is to improve the server, but you need monitoring to alert you to these as soon as they arrive. This way, you can keep your website ticking over at its optimum ability on a long term basis.