Gi2C Review: Fall 2015 Career Opportunities in China

The professional job market for foreigners in China continues to grow in 2015. Forget the days when only English teaching jobs were available. China now needs business professionals with a wide variety of skills and experience in many industries to help Chinese companies become successful internationally. If you have experience in the following areas and are looking for a new career this fall, now is the time to come to China.

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Both foreign and Chinese companies in China are looking for foreigners who speak multiple languages and comprehend the nuances of international markets. To land that perfect marketing job in China, you should be social media savvy and preferably good at design and ad creation.


More Chinese companies than ever before now have the capability to sell to an international audience. As a result, they need foreign experts who can write, edit and proofread in multiple languages. To truly excel in this type of job, you should ideally be able to read the original Chinese text, but if you have a Chinese colleague with excellent English, that wouldn’t be necessary. 

IT, Web & App Development

Experienced IT experts are needed in every country, not just China. However, since China has the biggest population in the world, it only makes sense that their need for IT experts is equally as large. Those with expertise in international software, iOS and Android apps, and programming are especially in demand.

Global Sourcing, Purchasing and Quality Managers

Getting products in and out of China requires a huge team of supply chain professionals who know everything there is to know about operations, sourcing, quality, manufacturing, and logistics. China’s supply chain industry is extremely fragmented and many smaller international companies that don’t have experience in outsourcing to China have no idea where to start. Managers with 5 years of experience of sourcing or quality in China and helping new companies source from China will most certainly find jobs this fall. 

International Sales, Business Development And Trade

Chinese people know better than anyone in the world that personal connections are the best way to find new business. They don’t expect to cold call their way into a new country. However, if you are from that country, they might expect you to cold call! Hopefully, you have some contacts at home or a very strong sales personality that will ensure you can find new clients abroad.

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 5.44.50 PMProject Or Product Management

Do you know how to take an idea and plan and put it into action? Can you manage timelines, deadlines and budgets? Chinese companies doing business with foreign companies need someone on their side to help ensure that their project or product launch is successful. You will need to be a great communicator with several years of experience working on a diverse team and know how to compromise and negotiate without compromising the overall project goals.


Gi2C Group offers professional internships in China in a wide variety of industries including those mentioned above. For more info on which industry or job opportunity in China is best for you, contact our Gi2C internship counselors at Start your new career in China with an internship in Beijing or Shanghai!