Data Storage Solutions

In todays’ brave new technological world, the need for secure and accessible data storage has never been greater. Even small businesses have a tremendous amount of material that needs to be kept for reference or for legal reasons, including documents, emails, databases, customer details, presentations and more. Your business operations might even include video or audio files. In the past, this needed to be stored on servers onsite, but cloud storage solutions are becoming increasingly popular, especially with the advent of fibre optic broadband to make data transfer fast and simple.


Reasons for needing secure storage
So why does your business need secure storage? No doubt you will be able to think of many reasons. Increased risks of litigation means you need to keep records of all your business dealings. Government legislation is being revised constantly, demanding that more and more data is kept for reference or for legal reasons. And vulnerability to hackers, malware and spyware could have serious implications for your company, so a secure back-up system is essential.

Assessing your storage needs
Before committing yourself to a data storage solution, you need to ask yourself a few questions. Begin by taking inventory of your projected data storage. Which applications take up the most space on your current system? What do you predict your future needs to be? What are the legal requirements for keeping different kinds of data and how much of each kind do you have? Do you need immediate easy access to your stored data, or do you just want a simple archiving solution? Do you need individual data storage solutions for your staff e.g. those who work from home or on the move? And how will you ensure that confidential data is stored securely?

Once you have answered these questions, you are in a better position to choose the best data storage solution for your organisation.

Data storage solutions
If you choose to house your own data, then much depends on how much you need to store, and the kind of operations you carry out. Individuals can use USB sticks or external hard drives which can be encrypted and password protected for security.

If you need a larger solution then you could consider network attached storage. Data can be accessed easily on-site and even remotely by your staff. Data servers can store large amounts of information, and many systems have a dual backup facility, so that if one server goes down or corrupts, your precious data is still safe.

Online storage is increasingly popular and is ideal for large corporations, because vast amounts of space are available, and the data can be accessed from anywhere. Data is stored securely, backups are done remotely by the hosting company, and the monthly fee is offset by the lack of costs for installing and maintaining your own system.

Secure data storage is essential for every business, large or small, but by considering your options carefully, you can find a solution that is perfect for your individual circumstances.