5 Reasons I Loved Antarctica

Could you really describe the most stunningly beautiful place on the entire planet? Let alone in a blog post? The answer is no, but hopefully I can convince you to get to Antarctica at some point in your life and maybe even get you to look at the Antarctica cruise prices! Antarctica is definitely is a place of extremes, it will probably the most expensive holiday you go on (Antarctica cruise prices are very high!) I wanted to let you know some of the reasons you absolutely

The wildlife

This is one of my favourite things about visiting this beautiful place is the strangely diverse wildlife that is there. You would think that nothing would attempt to live there, but there are so many, such as penguins (and many different kinds), many kinds of seals, whales and countless other bird species. The unusual thing is that the wildlife is actually more relaxed and less scared by human presence than you would think. Penguins are one great example of this and they don’t seem phased by humans, some are even curious enough to approach. The best thing is that animals are just happy to do their own thing, which is something that you don’t see anywhere else on earth.

The most stunning land and seascape

This is a blessing and a curse at the same time. Once you go to Antarctica, every trip you ever go on will be compared to Antarctica and how beautiful it is there. My bet is that you won’t ever see anything better or more amazing. Think of mountains, endless ice in various colours, glaciers and icebergs everywhere. This is the place to get some of the best pictures and memories of your life!

Saying you have been there

How many people can actually say that they have had the opportunity to travel to Antarctica? The answer is, of course, not many and you will surely feel special for getting the chance to go there. If you are even game enough you can swim in Antarctic waters, which even less people have done!

It’s more comfortable than you think

Most trips to Antarctica are by cruise ship and in my opinion the best way to experience it. These are quite comfortable with all your needs catered for. Think of the great food, the bar and some ships even have amenities like gyms. The competition for cruises in Antarctica is fierce, so tour operators are always working hard to provide the best experiences, which can only mean good things for travelers visiting there.

The lack of people

There are many stunning places on earth to enjoy and each has its own special attributes. One thing about these special places is that they are teeming with people wanting to get a glimpse and it’s only natural for people to do this. The problem is that you want to really get intimate with something like this and take the time to enjoy it, which isn’t always possible with masses of people standing around you at all times. In Antarctica there is quite literally nobody, so taking the time to enjoy things is simple and you can do it without outside pressures. You will certainly need the time to enjoy some of the most amazing sights of your life.

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