Successful SEO Marketing

In order for businesses to promote their products or services they use a variety of marketing strategies. The old ones used to be advertising in newspapers, leaflet distribution, television adverts and calling people up at home. Have you noticed now though how many people are riding their commuter trains and buses now and reading a newspaper? The answer? None. Everybody now is glued to their mobile smart devices or tablets. They get their news from the internet or mobile Apps and this gives companies a new unique way of advertising their services. read more

Do it Right the Digital Way

If you want to successfully grow your company then you have got to be firstly constantly expanding your customer base and keeping up with the modern strategies available to you in order for you to achieve your goals. Gone are the days of such things like direct mail and cold calls – who ever read or listened anyway? – and in comes the digital revolution and a new era of marketing known as digital marketing. Now this concept is not as easy as you might think and to do it right and get it to work for you will need some explaining. Here is how a friend of mine expanded his dental business using some dental marketing techniques, and I can tell you it was pretty successful. read more

How-to’s are becoming popular online

How-to’s are becoming popular online. As more individuals try to learn how to do-it-themselves, many companies are finding that offering instructions is not only useful in helping people achieve their goals, but it can also be profitable. When considering why a company should add wikis and how-tos, here are a few reasons to keep in mind. read more

Top hubs to find a tech job in Canada

About to graduate from a computer science program in Canada, or looking to start your career over in one of the greatest nations on the face of the planet?

Forget about uber expensive Silicon Valley and set your course for Canada, as those looking to make an intelligent play will find a number of cities in the Great White North to be highly attractive. read more

Beautiful Albir  

The pretty resort of Albir is handily located between Altea and Benidorm on Spain’s beautiful Costa Brave. This is a resort perfect for those hoping for a relaxed beach-based holiday away from the main resorts along this popular stretch of coast, but still with a vibrant atmosphere and plenty of nightlife. Alibi is a laid back destination with a thoroughly modern feel, and because most of its buildings are only a few stores high, it exudes a real sense of space. Unusually for a resort in this area, there is plenty of well-sited parking, meaning it is a great place for visit for a day trip. read more

Where to Take Your Gran in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria may be on the diminutive side, but it more than makes up for that in terms of its diversity. In fact, locals call it their’ little continent’. Older visitors can relax safe in the knowledge that this is an island that offers all they could wish for in terms of services, meaning that a restful holiday in the sun is just a click away! read more

5 Reasons I Loved Antarctica

Could you really describe the most stunningly beautiful place on the entire planet? Let alone in a blog post? The answer is no, but hopefully I can convince you to get to Antarctica at some point in your life and maybe even get you to look at the Antarctica cruise prices! Antarctica is definitely is a place of extremes, it will probably the most expensive holiday you go on (Antarctica cruise prices are very high!) I wanted to let you know some of the reasons you absolutely read more

Saving on Food Expenses for Your Business

I’ve already written about the benefits of using Groupon Coupons for cutting costs on business expenses, but I’m going to take your savings a bit further with Groupon Pages. Whether you’re rewarding your hard-working employees with lunch, or you’re treating a prospective client to dinner, there’s no reason you should be paying full price for food expenses now that Groupon has released this newest edition. Groupon Pages is a massive directory of restaurants in your area that has been designed to guarantee the best dining experience with the best deals. There are many budgetary advantages that come with using this new feature, but I’ve narrowed it down to the three top ways to save. read more

Gi2C Review: Fall 2015 Career Opportunities in China

The professional job market for foreigners in China continues to grow in 2015. Forget the days when only English teaching jobs were available. China now needs business professionals with a wide variety of skills and experience in many industries to help Chinese companies become successful internationally. If you have experience in the following areas and are looking for a new career this fall, now is the time to come to China. read more